Moonwalking with Einstein Movie Rights Bought by Columbia

According to IMDB, Columbia has bought the rights to the Moonwalking with Einstein movie.

Adaptations of original pieces of literature are about as daring as things get in Hollywood of late, so the news that Columbia Pictures have acquired the rights to a marginal best-seller comes as a real surprise.

Only a “marginal” bestseller? It was #2 on Amazon last I checked. Read more

Moonwalking with Einstein Interview on NPR (March 2011)

Moonwalking with Einstein is getting a lot of press coverage.  Here is an interview with Joshua Foer on NPR:
Memory Champs? They’re Just Like The Rest Of Us

I’ve been seeing references to the book in many newspapers and magazines. I think the book has the potential to increase awareness of memory techniques in the US. As soon as memory techniques become popular, I think the US will be able to field a larger number of competitors who have a chance of winning international competitions…

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