How to Memorize Pi

Today is Pi Day: March 14, 2016, or 3/14/16 as written in the US. (The first digits of pi are 3.14159, which can be rounded to 3.1416.) In this post I’ll show you an easy way to memorize as many digits of pi as you would like. It’s the same technique that is used by people who memorize many thousands of digits of pi. Read more

The Acropolis of Athens as a Memory Palace

I arrived in Athens and spent the afternoon at the Acropolis. I don’t like spending time in Athens, but the Acropolis is absolutely spectacular. I wanted to make a memory journey there, but there were herds of distracting tourists and much of the restoration is incomplete. I took many photos and plan to create an Acropolis memory journey using photos, models, paintings, floor plans, and Wikipedia.

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