More Images from Verdi

I wasn’t feeling good yesterday, so I spent part of the day watching YouTube videos.  I ended up collecting some more images from Verdi.

Jon Vickers as Otello fits #175 which was previously “telephone” (now #802). Otello’s hair, bulky clothes, and dramatic staggering are distinctive.  Cornell MacNeil as Iago will be #337.  The buttons on his costume are memorable, as well as his goatee and villainous gesturing.

Vickers also performs a very dramatic Radames that I’m going to use for 4♦ K♣. I already have a visual image for Amneris (#32).

Edit: I am going to try using Giulietta Simionato as Amneris (below) as #410, and keep Dolora Zajick as Amneris for #32. My 2- and 3-digit systems don’t usually mix, and even if I came across a number like 41032, the characters are distinct.