Memory Training Apps and Software

I wanted to share some of the software that I’ve been using for memory training. I have an Android phone (Galaxy Note) and am currently running Windows 7, so my list will reflect that. Feel free to leave suggestions for other software and other platforms in the comments below.

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Pocket is a great tool that lets you save webpages on your computer and then access them on your phone while offline.

I use this when I’m researching facts to memorize. For example, I visited these lists of fallacies in Firefox and then clicked the Pocket bookmarklet. That sent the webpages to my phone. I could then memorize from the webpages from my phone later, even when offline in a subway tunnel or while walking around town.

Wikipedia App

Wikipedia’s Android app lets you save Wikipedia pages offline for later viewing. I tend to use Pocket to save webpages, even on Wikipedia, but I thought I would mention this one anyway.

Scrapbook for Firefox

Scrapbook let’s you save multiple pages for offline viewing. I use this when I want to spider multiple pages with one click. I never follow links more than one link depth.

This is useful for reading multiple pages on my laptop while offline.

Anki and Anki Droid

Most readers are probably familiar with Anki already, but if not, I highly recommend it. Anki is a flashcard program that syncs your flashcards between your computer(s) and your phone.

Anki Screenshot

Screenshot of Anki on my laptop

The Android version is called AnkiDroid, and here is a video overview:

Memory Ladder

Memory Ladder is the official app of the World Memory Sports Council. The app is great, but haven’t used it much since it doesn’t work well with Swype, and my keyboard is always set to use Swype. If that issue can be fixed, then I would probably use it daily.

Google Drive / Google Docs

I’ve been using Google Drive to sync files and documents between my laptops and phone. I add spreadsheets to Google Docs and they automatically appear on my phone through the Google Drive app. One example is this spreadsheet of my Ben System layout.

Video Download Helper

This Firefox extension lets you download YouTube videos. I sometimes use it to download poetry, especially if I want to hear the pronunciation in non-English poems. Then I move the videos to my phone with Google Drive to listen to them later while I am walking around.

Ebook Readers

I download free poetry ebooks in EPUB and Kindle format, and then read them with Aldiko and the Kindle app. Since everything written before the early twentieth century is in the public domain, there are many free poetry ebooks available. Download free ebooks at the Gutenberg Project.

If you know of any other good software for memory training, please leave a comment below.