Moonwalking with Einstein Interview on NPR (March 2011)

Moonwalking with Einstein is getting a lot of press coverage.  Here is an interview with Joshua Foer on NPR:
Memory Champs? They’re Just Like The Rest Of Us

I’ve been seeing references to the book in many newspapers and magazines. I think the book has the potential to increase awareness of memory techniques in the US. As soon as memory techniques become popular, I think the US will be able to field a larger number of competitors who have a chance of winning international competitions…

Free PDF Books on Memory Training

Update: you can now download our free PDF ebook on memory techniques.

While searching for new memory books to read, I came across a few interesting books on memory techniques that are in the public domain. I haven’t read them yet, but here they are in PDF format.  You may need to apply memory techniques just to remember the titles. To download them, right-click on the links and choose “save link as…” Read more