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My First Memory Journey

by Josh Cohen on November 26, 2010

I first heard about memory techniques from the book Mind Performance Hacks by Ron Hale-Evans. Hack #4 is called Stash Things in Nooks and Crannies and describes how to make a memory journey through a single room. The hack can be read online here.

The 10 steps of the memory journey are:

  1. near left corner
  2. left wall
  3. far left corner
  4. far wall
  5. far right corner
  6. right wall
  7. near right corner
  8. doorway (where you are standing when forming the journey)
  9. floor
  10. ceiling

Here’s what is looks like:

 Roman Room method of loci

A quick and easy 10-step memory journey

I still use my first 10-step journey daily for quick memorization of things like shopping lists. I prefer to make this kind of journey in larger rooms like restaurants, cafes, halls, and historic buildings, because I like each individual locus to be large enough to fit things like elephants and pterodactyls without shrinking everything down too much. I put up to three images in each locus.

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