Links About the Brain: Music and Meditation (and an update)

Sorry for the lack of blog posting recently. I’m working out my plans for the future, which is a time-consuming process.

The Future

I’m in the Cyclades at the moment and am looking online for a job. I’m going to close my current business down and work for another company. If anyone knows of any job availabilities in the memory field, please let me know. My background is in Internet marketing including: advanced SEO, social media, content management, content writing, and community development.

Otherwise, I will take a regular, full-time job in the hostel industry that leaves me enough time in the day to train on memory. With my current business taking up 10 to 16 hours per day, I don’t have enough free time to seriously train.

Cycladian village

Cycladian village, Greece

If no job opportunities appear right away, I may go up to Albania or Macedonia for a few weeks.

Interesting Links

I have dozens of draft blog posts written, and even more blog post ideas in my head, but haven’t had time to publish them yet. In the meantime, here are a couple of interesting links I came across today that are on related topics:

 “Two years ago, researchers at UCLA found that specific regions in the brains of long-term meditators were larger and had more gray matter than the brains of individuals in a control group. This suggested that meditation may indeed be good for all of us since, alas, our brains shrink naturally with age.”

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